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 Jun xing knitting company is a focus on production of mosquito nets and tent. More than 10000 square meters workshop, nearly 10000 professional production team, we always insist on consumers to perspective, to realize the humanized design, constantly focused on research and development of high-grade, fashionable, innovative and easy installation of products. Can also according to customer's special requirements, mass customized products. Packaging visual design quality at a glance, firm structure, professional team, has many years of experience in testing and the use of automated testing equipment to ensure safe and reliable products, we only manufacture cost-effective, truly reliable, cheap and fine products. We are in pursuit of quality, the service is noble of you.


Our three big reasons for choice


Strict quality control

Strict quality control system throughout the entire production line

From the selection of raw materials to final product of the whole production line, by combining the use of performance testing, to ensure the high quality product delivery to the customer. We from beginning to end the quality of the control system made in does not affect the production efficiency and achieve quality stability of the delivery time.


We have the advantage of

Own the whole production line factory

Thirty years of experience in production of various types of mosquito net, toys, has a number of highly qualified technical and management personnel; Complete equipment, so far around four production workshop for customer service, product all over all parts of the world. Is popular among the masses of customers.


Focus on improving

33 years of experience in production

Our products not only pay attention to quality, and pay attention to functional, feel and beauty. We supply a series of high quality products, at present, jun xing never worry about the quality of the product.


Good mosquito net is the result of the pursuit of quality!

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